University of Sussex apologises to Michael Segalov

The University of Sussex has today apologised to its former student Michael Segalov, admitting that claims published on its website that he had led an unlawful occupation of the university and carried out acts of criminal behaviour were untrue.

The apology can be found here

The university agreed to pay him £20,000 in damages for two defamatory articles, plus his costs. There will also be a Statement in Open Court.

The articles were published following protests that took place in November and December 2013, following which Mr Segalov and other students were suspended by the university. The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education later ruled that these suspensions were unreasonable.

The case has been reported here and here.

Mr Segalov was represented by Jeffrey Smele and Edward Kirk, acting on a Conditional Fee Agreement. Counsel was Chloe Strong at 5 RB, also acting on a CFA.