SM&B and CAA ensure prosecution of “Nazi”, Jack Renshaw

Pamela Reddy and David Phillips, acting pro-bono for Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) lobbied the DPP setting out the case for prosecution of Mr Renshaw and notifying the DPP of CAA’s intension to launch its own private prosecution following his hate filled speech at a rally in March last year.

In his speech, Mr Renshaw, a former spokesperson of the banned group National Action and a holocaust denier stated the following:

“Now, the refugee problem is part of a bigger problem. It’s a symptom of a disease. That disease is international Jewry. In World War Two, we took the wrong side. We should have been fighting the communists. Instead, we took the side of the communists, and fought the National Socialists who were there to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all. That’s what the Final Solution was. Instead, we let these parasites live among us, and they still do. They get into our councils, they get into our institutions, they get into our parliament, they run our banks, they run all of the companies we see around us. But we let these people, we let these people destroy us, and they are still destroying us now. And we’re pointing fingers at the symptoms and not the disease. Let’s cure the disease and then cure all of the symptoms by default…You can call me Nazi, you can call me fascist, that is what I am.”

From a Twitter account allegedly operated by Mr. Renshaw the following messages were tweeted: “Jews are financial and cultural parasites, destroying Europe. Let’s actually start the ovens this time. #Holohoax #WithJewsWeLose #NSForever”. And claiming the Holocaust was a hoax: “2.4 million Jews were living in Nazi territories, 3.8 million of those Jews applied for reparations and 6 million died? #BasicMath #Holohoax”.

Following CAA’s notice and representations made by SM&B, the CPS have now decided to charge Mr Renshaw for incitement of racial hatred in relation to 2 speeches, including the March speech.

For more information of the above article please contact Pamela Reddy or David Phillips.