SM&B Breakfast Seminar : Employment status under the spotlight like never before

The Work and Pensions Committee report into self-employment and the gig economy has found that companies relying on self-employed workforces frequently promote the idea that flexible employment is contingent on self-employed status, but the Committee says this is a fiction.
The Committee say that the apparent freedom companies enjoy to deny workers the rights that come with “employee” or “worker” status fails to protect workers from exploitation and poor working conditions and leads to substantial tax losses to the public purse, and potentially increases the strain on the welfare state.
The report comes at a time when employment status has come under the spotlight like never before. Tribunals have rejected arguments by Uber and Excel that the people delivering their services are self-employed contractors, ruling that they are in fact workers. Claims are now also in the pipeline challenging employment status at Hermes, DX and Deliveroo.
But it’s not just gig economy employers who are coming under challenge. Pimlico Plumbers lost its argument in the Court of Appeal that its plumbers are self-employed. The Taylor review is also scrutinising zero-hours contracts and the basis upon which people work.
This breakfast seminar will look at:
• the legal distinctions between employees, workers and the self-employed
• rights enjoyed depending on employment status
• considerations when defining the right contractual relationship to match business needs
• key drafting points and terminology in contractual documents
• the consequences of ‘getting it wrong’ – legally, financially and reputation-wise
The seminar will be chaired by Makbool Javaid, Partner and Head of Employment Law at SM&B, and presented by Adam Ohringer and Chesca Lord, specialist employment barristers from Cloisters


The seminar will be held on 20 June 2017

Venue: Simons Muirhead & Burton 8-9 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 3JB
Time: 8:30 am registration, 9am start and finish by 10.30am

This Seminar is free to attend and refreshments will be served on arrival.

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