Our family department is known for its exceptional ability to deal with complex and emotionally charged family related matters and the legal issues that surround them. We support and guide those involved in the difficult circumstances of separation, divorce and the impact these may have on an entire family. In particular we work closely to ensure the best outcome for the children of those involved in these disputes and are key supporters of Voices in the Middle, a charity dedicated to this cause.

Our team is made up of experts who have a mix of both sensitivity, tenacity, and understanding of how to protect our clients’ interests and also who try to ensure the best outcome for all those involved in a family break up.

Our work ranges from assisting with cohabitation/pre-nuptial agreements and advising on family mediation, to dealing with forensic analyses/disclosure issues in financial disputes, and working with clients on international claims and asset recovery issues which involve foreign nationals. We also advise on questions relating specifically to children, from helping to resolve everyday arrangements, to surrogacy and international child abduction. Our team is comfortable both in assisting with traditional procedures to enforce legal separation and divorce, and also using alternative dispute resolution including mediation and collaborative models if these are best suited to our client’s needs.