Voices in the Middle – welcome to the campaign

We are proud to have been chosen as a regional partner of the charity Kids in the Middle, and to be given the opportunity to promote its ‘Voices in the Middle’ campaign around the Greater London area. All too often during a separation, when parents are stressed and angry at each other, the real interests of the children can be overlooked.  One way of changing this is to show parents how children feel during this process and Voices in the Middle does this. The charity also provides support for children going through the separation process.

Have you been through it? Do you have advice for parents or young people going through it? Tell your story here. Stories, top tips, poems, songs, video diaries – you choose! We will publish the best things on this site.

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Penelope Leach Book Launch
The Family & Children team, in conjunction with the Mindful Policy Group, hosted the launch of Penelope Leach’s new book, Family Breakdown: helping children hang on to both their parents.