Business Immigration


Our business immigration team provides tailored advice across all areas of UK Immigration to both organisations and individuals. We advise businesses on matters ranging from sponsor licence applications (Tiers 2 and 5), sponsor licence management, sponsor obligations, compliance training and audit services. We also work with entrepreneurs, investors and high net-worth individuals to help navigate their immigration requirements.

Our team, lead by Sundeep Rathod, have an excellent reputation and are well placed to help guide our clients through the minefield of UK Immigration. Prior to SM&B, Sundeep worked for a tier 1 ranked Business Immigration firm. Sundeep has also worked on secondment at a top tier Investment Bank based in Canary Wharf sitting with the Global Mobility team and advising on all aspects of UK Immigration.

Business Immigration

We have extensive experience of handling UK immigration applications across the Points Based System. We also have the expertise in advising businesses who wish to set up a subsidiary/branch in the UK, or those who are already established in the UK and need a Sponsor Licence in place so they can recruit non-EEA nationals to work in their UK office.

Company Sponsorship and Compliance

Given the vast intricacies of Tier 2 sponsorship and the onerous obligations placed on Sponsors, our business immigration team can offer HR and Global Mobility teams with an end-to-end service; including but not limited to:

  • Sponsor Licence applications;
  • Challenging Sponsor Licence downgrading/suspension/revocation;
  • Sponsor Licence management;
  • Challenging Civil Penalties;
  • Advice and guidance on Compliance, including tailored in-house training;
  • Brexit related services for employers

Personal/Individual Immigration

The UK always has and continues to be an attractive destination for many individuals to permanently settle. The UK has various routes which individuals can potentially explore for their personal immigration requirements; through proving ancestral links from a grandparent or making an application to join a British/settled spouse.

The UK’s immigration laws has many routes for individuals to make such applications and our business immigration team will hand-hold our clients through the entire process and explore all opportunities in identifying the right immigration category.

Settlement and Nationality

Whether a client is seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) or looking to register/naturalise as a British citizen, our business immigration team provides tailored advice through every phase of the application process.

The UK has one of the most complicated sets of citizenship and residency rules in the world. With our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the Immigration Rules and nationality law, we are well placed to assist with even the most complex matters.


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