SM&B Family Law Facebook Page provides legal analysis of family law stories in the news

The many legal areas in which we practice often make good headlines; none more so than Family Law. The tabloids are filled with stories of divorces, pre-nups, adoptions, surrogacies, custody battles and many other legal matters that centre on the family. The big news hitters are of course those featuring celebrities, which our family law team keep a keen eye on, but often changes to legislation, court cases and resolutions concerning ‘normal’ people also make the news.

Our Family Law team have an established Facebook page to share news and developments surrounding family cases, which will also offer academic legal analysis of some of the recent big headlines. The articles are all written by qualified and experienced lawyers, and offer in-depth and up-to-date explanations for some of the complexities that may or may not be included in standard news articles.

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Our most recent post looks at surrogacy legislation here in the UK, following the news of Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West’s hiring of an agency to procure a surrogate carrier for their third child. Read the article here.