Employment Law Weekly News Update

SM&B’s weekly update including:

• The EAT holds that while a medical certificate can indicate a substantial effect on normal day to day activities for the purposes of the statutory definition of disability, it is not conclusive proof that a person is disabled.
• The requirement under the Immigration Act 2016 that a public authority must ensure that each person who works in a customer-facing role speaks fluent English, will come into force on 21 November 2016.
• New research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission into employers’ knowledge and attitudes in recruitment practices has revealed some confusion and misunderstanding of the law.
• Latest ONS statistics show that in April 2016 the gender pay gap, for median earnings, for full-time employees decreased to 9.4%, from 9.6% in 2015, the lowest since the survey began in 1997.
• The TUC’s survey of more than 1,000 UK health and safety reps has revealed that stress is the top health and safety concern in UK workplaces, a finding supported by the BITC report on mental health at work in 2016.