Employment Law Weekly News Update

SM&B’s weekly news roundup including:

– The EAT hold that revealing the name of a whistleblower in disciplinary proceedings was not a detriment on grounds of making a disclosure; any detriment was a consequence of the disclosure not the result of it.
– The ECJ have confirmed in a case referred from Northern Ireland that ‘establishment’ for the purpose of collective redundancies consultation means the entity to which the workers are assigned to carry out their duties.
– Acas have published six ‘top tips’ for managing mental health in the workplace recognising that the issue not only affects people’s personal lives, but can also impact on their performance at work and be costly for businesses.
– Public Concern at Work has published its extensive research into whistleblowing tribunal judgments handed down between 2011 and 2013 which they suggest indicate the odds may be stacked against claimants.

news update – 21 may 2015