Employment Law Weekly News Update

SM&B’s weekly employment law news roundup including:

– The EAT uphold a tribunal’s decision to make a 90 day protective award where no redundancy consultation had taken place, no special circumstances applied and the employer was not aware of the legal obligation to consult.
– A tribunal finds that a Polish employee suffered racial harassment when she initially did not object to a colleague’s mockery, but it then continued after it was made clear it was no longer acceptable.
– The NI CA decides that ‘in principle’, there is no reason why voluntary overtime should not be included in the calculation of statutory holiday pay if it is ‘normally’ carried out and is part of ‘normal’ remuneration.
– Acas has launched new guidance which offers some top tips for employers to help ensure their businesses remain productive during hot weather, whilst keeping staff happy too.

news update – 2 july 2015