Employment Law Weekly News Update

SM&B’s weekly roundup of employment law news including:

• The EAT clarifies the meaning of the word “unfavourably” in S.15 of the Equality Act as placing a hurdle in front of, or creating a particular difficulty for, an employee in consequence of his or her disability.
• New research by the EHRC and BIS shows 11% of women surveyed report having been dismissed, made compulsorily redundant or being treated poorly because of pregnancy and/or maternity-related discrimination.
• Latest Office for National Statistics figures show the number of working days lost due to labour disputes in 2014 was 788,000 compared with 444,000 in 2013.
• The Government Equalities Office has published further guidance on The Think, Act, Report campaign outlining the type of information which should be analysed and reported to show the gender equality measures in place.