Employment Law Weekly News Update

SM&B’s weekley news update including:
• An ET has awarded a female therapist £18,000 for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination after she lost her job for refusing to work Saturdays or Sundays because no weekend childcare facilities were available.
• The TUC have launched an online survey to expose the everyday reality of racism faced by many Black workers after racist and xenophobic attacks post-Brexit highlighted that racism is still an issue.
• New research by Macmillan Cancer Support and YouGov reveals that an estimated 20,000 of those who are diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK will face discrimination in their workplace.
• A jury in the USA has awarded $250,000 compensation to a former employee of Costco who was harassed by a customer and highlights how a similar complaint could be brought in the UK.
• French workers in organisations with more than 50 workers now have the ‘right to disconnect’ from technology out of hours as France seeks to establish agreements that afford work flexibility but avoid burnout.