Death Penalty Project


SM&B is both the founder and long term supporter of theDeath Penalty Project Ltd (DPP), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England under company number 5579286. The DPP is supported by a sister charity, the Death Penalty Project Charitable Trust (charity number: 1115035).

The DPP is an international human rights organisation which provides free legal representation to the many individuals who face the death penalty in the Caribbean and Africa. It works tirelessly to ensure compliance with regional and international human rights standards.

The DPP is run by joint Executive Directors Saul Lehrfreund MBE and Parvais Jabbar MBE, both experts in representing prisoners under sentence of death, and specialists in the fields of domestic and international human rights law. The DPP’s success has attracted praise and support from the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the European Union, among others.

The Chambers Guide has stated that,

“Parvais Jabbar and Saul Lehrfreund are both respected for their knowledge and expertise in international human rights law. Both practitioners are renowned for their Privy Council work and tireless commitment to the development of international human rights”.

SM&B is proud to support the DPP and its sister charity.

Please visit the DDP’s own website at