Vacation Scheme

Our Summer Vacation Scheme is a great way to get an insight into life as a trainee at Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP. The 2019 scheme will take place for two weeks commencing 1 July 2019.

What will I be doing on the Vacation Scheme?
The scheme will see each student experience a minimum of two different practice groups across the two weeks. Each student will sit in at least one of our core practices (Civil Litigation, Media and Entertainment, Corporate & Commercial) and personal preferences will be catered to where possible.

On the first day you will have an induction and get up to speed with the IT systems as well as getting to know the firm and each other! You will be allocated a mentor in each seat to provide you with support and answer any questions you might have. You will quickly become an integral part of the teams you are working with, working alongside trainees, associates, senior associates and partners. Our trainees have responsibility from their first day and you will be given similar tasks to them. You can expect to be involved in tasks such as proof reading, drafting emails, letters and applications, attending client calls and meetings and making calls to courts and tribunals.

As well as getting an insight as to the work a trainee may be exposed to in the firm, you’ll also get to experience the social side of the firm and attend lunches and after work events giving you the opportunity to speak to people at every level of the firm. You will also be invited to a range of talks and sessions to help you get a feel for the whole firm and make an informed decision on your future. Students are also put into groups and asked to work together to prepare a presentation. Presentations will be made to a panel formed of associates, senior associates and partners at the end of the scheme.

Am I eligible?
You are eligible to apply for the Vacation Scheme if you are a graduate, penultimate or final year student studying law or any other degree.
Unfortunately we do not offer any other work experience placements at this time.

How do I apply?
The application process for the Vacation Scheme consists of an application form and a first and second round of interviews.
Applications should be made using the application form which can be found here. This application form should then be emailed to
Please note we do not accept CVs, covering letters or applications sent by post. Only information on the application form will be considered.
If you are currently studying or working abroad we may be able to offer you a video or telephone interview if successful at the application stage.
If you have any further questions or enquiries please contact us on

What skills and attributes do I need to have?
Whilst we value diversity and we consider each application on its own merits there are some attributes and achievements we do consider necessary. We therefore look for candidates that have a positive attitude, strong communication skills, problem solving ability and commercial insight, energy and ambition, business interest and an interest in the firm. We would also expect to see a record of strong academic performance.

Will I be paid?
We do not pay our Vacation Scheme students but we do cover reasonable expenses for travel (within the UK) to London at the start of the scheme and from London at the end of the scheme. Daily travel will also be covered within Zones 1-9. Should you require any financial assistance to enable you to undertake the scheme please feel free to contact the Vacation Scheme Team. Any requests will be treated confidentially.

When will I hear if I have been successful?
Applications open on 1 December and close on 15 March each year. We do not recruit on a rolling basis and we do not review applications until after the 15 March deadline has passed. First round interviews are usually held in April with second round interviews usually being held in May. We will notify all candidates of the outcome of their application.

What if I have a disability?
If you have a disability and require adjustments or support throughout the recruitment process please contact us so that we can arrange any support required.