Always On Our Minds: Raydar Media’s Elvis film scores Sky success

SM&B client Raydar Media’s fantastic documentary The Seven Ages of Elvis has been a big success for Sky Arts, achieving its second best ever ratings for a non-scripted film. SM&B’s Razi Mireskandari and Gordon Clough advised the producers on pre-publication issues.

The documentary goes on a search to explore who Elvis Presley was and his impact on pop culture. Using Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man” as a framework, the film examines his life act by act: from his impoverished childhood in the American South, through his rise to international fame, to his Las Vegas years and his death in 1977.

The film trailer can be watched here and the feature-length documentary can be watched on the Sky On Demand service here.  It is fantastic viewing for any music fan.

‘Razi and Gordon’s help during the production was invaluable. We had complex clearance issues and were worried we might lose some important archive which was essential to the film. Gordon and Razi worked with us throughout the production to make sure we were in the clear. They were approachable, unflappable and supportive. We wouldn’t have the film we have without them.’

Iris Maor, Director of Production for Raydar Media